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Welcome behind the scenes of Plum's fall photo shoot! One of the parts we love the most about photo shoots is going through the pictures after. We love finding the magical shots just as much as coming across pictures with funny faces, awkward poses, and blurry hands. Hint: there are much more of those at the end of the day than there are perfect shots. We know that the fashion world can make it seem like everything is shiny and beautiful, so in our effort to keep it real with you, we welcome you into our messy, silly, and imperfect. Those things make our job much more fun!

photo editing fashion shoot

photo shoot outtake 6

photo shoot outtakesphoto shoot outtake 3photo shoot outtake 2

This picture kind of needs an explanation. It was a pleasant 106 degree Texas day when we were taking these photos in vests and sweaters. You might not see it in the pictures, but we were sweaty, shiny, and exhausted. This was the first picture we took that day, trying to fan the sweat off our faces, so clearly we were off to a good start.

Photo Shoot Outtake 4

Photo Styling 2

I love styling products for photos, and Laura Lee loves taking pictures of the process of styling photos, so it's safe to say we have a LOT of pictures like this one.

Photo Styling 2

photo shoot ice cream

Every good photo shoot ends with ice cream for models/stylists/photographers!

photo shoot behind the scenes

Laura Lee and I are not models and I'm not a photographer. We're normal girls working our normal job that just so happens to be awesome. But in the spirit of having fun, trying new things, and putting on hats we don't usually wear, we're learning to fill new roles, celebrate our little victories, and laugh at the things that don't work out. Here's to girls stepping up and trying new things! 



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