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Rifle Paper Co Candle

Y'all, we are candle lovers. There's not much more exciting to us than finding a new favorite scent or unique jar. So we kind of freaked out when Rifle Paper Co, one of our all-time favorite stationery brands, introduced a collection of candles in their beautiful prints! Naturally, we had to have them all. These little ceramic jars are BEAUTIFUL and we love the unique scents. Here's the detailed breakdown of each jar and scent! 

Souks of Marrakech Rifle Paper Co Candle

The Souks of Marrakech

This scent is warm and smoky with notes of black vanilla, tobacco, amber, and leather. It's cozy and sweet, perfect for working in the office or reading in the living room. We think the man in your life will like this one, too. 

Champs de France Rifle Paper Co Candle

Champs de France

With notes of lavender, sage, bergamot, and rosemary, this scent is soothing and fresh, like a window open to a spring herb garden. It's clean and nostalgic, perfect for the kitchen or to light while doing some spring cleaning. 

Adirondack Forest Rifle Paper Co Candle

Adirondack Forest

This scent is deep and woodsy, with notes of cedarwood, fir, and oakmoss. It's relaxing and warm, perfect for a bedroom or family room. This scent brings to mind memories of fireside camping, another one that men and women will agree on!

Amalfi del Mar Rifle Paper Co Candle

Amalfi del Mar

This scent is crisp and refreshing, with notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, lemongrass, and jasmine. It smells like the sea breeze, perfect for burning on the front porch or alongside a bath. This is a true summer scent, clean and vibrant.

Rifle Paper Co Candle Collection

We love these lovely little candles, each with a scent as unique as its print. We totally plan to repurpose their pretty ceramic jars when the candles are burned down, perhaps to plant herbs or to hold pens on our desk.

Stop by our shop inside of Spice Village in Waco to see them in person or email to order from afar! We can't wait to see where you burn yours! 

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